Le Gang des Lyonnaises


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  1. HR des trois barraesJ’annête-là, j’ai autre chose à faire, mais en ce qui vous concerne, il tout à fait inutile de « suspendre son jugement ». Votre prose est de ce point de vue « sans équivoque » aucune.

  2. Normal! Como sempre, é o PT dos trambiques, não dá outra. Coisas de socialista ladrão! Faz pare da cartilha da SOC e da cumpanheirada toda.Na Venezuela o trambique também rola solto:do CH – Pergunta na Venezuela:Hugo Chávez usava paletó de madeira, quando entrou “andando” no hospital militar de Caracas, após retornar de Cuba?Os trambiqueiros não querem entregar o geverno. Dificil largar o osso, ou melhor o filé mignon!

  3. Esqueci-me de referir que deceparam o dedo anelar ao meu camarada da Cart.3332, para levarem a aliança ou o anel que teria valor, não levaram o crucifixo do outro porque não era de ouro.Os mortos sofridos e o desaparecido (foi libertado após o 25 de Abril) pertenciam à Cart.3332.Luís Borrega

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  5. well you know that fail of grade 10 is on him! …. OMG you wouldnt believe the turn around in S. She loves school now, is thinking of going to college, and is getting to take sign language :] … now she just needs a job she likes (job 2 she quit this morning)

  6. Cred ca mai e ceva de adaugat si sper ca dl Bolojan e constient de asta: sustinatorii lui actuali (sau mare parte din ei) cred in el pentru ceea ce a facut pe cand era prefect si pentru ca s-au saturat sa faca foame in Oradea din cauza PD-L….DAR, dupa alegerea lui ca si primar, aceeasi sustinatori il vor arata cu degetul daca va calca stramb. Eu sper doar sa nu dezamageasca, pt ca frustrarea acumulata de oradeni in ultimii ani, este mare….

  7. Scary thought: In the future, when some of the "savant" areas of the brain or known, will the stage parents who struggle to get their kids into competitive kindergartens now pay under-the-table for surgeons to attempt to make their little tots geniuses in area A or B?Dunno about that, but it would sure seem to put a crimp in putative leftie levelers' plans to bop kids across the head with ballpeen hammers. Law of Unintended Consequences strikes again.

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  10. "but "Officer", there were more of them than of me, and every one of them outweighed me by 10 kilos of muscle and bad intent. What is a "defensive weapon" that would have frightened them away?"When the representative of government tells you to do nothing when a criminal wants something, government is telling you that the action of the criminal is authorized and supported by the government. Why anybody in that place is still law abiding and hasn't joined a gang is beyond me.

  11. Thanks to Bufo for the review and to Firefly for the puzzle, although I didn’t enjoy it that much. Having to find six different varieties of potato (none of which I’d ever heard of), all of which were clued in exactly the same way by an anagram, was not very entertaining as far as I was concerned.

  12. my opinion is your expecting results fast. but remember you send out intentions into the world to. If you do this with no expectations ,with an open heart and mind, I am sure your life will change around. But if you are doing this to expect quick results you could be blocking things from happening. Be patient and open, maybe life has something for you but if you are to quick you will lose the outcome.

  13. Doe:And the funny thing is that folks like Limbaugh wonder aloud how is it that we don't anything about Obie's past yet they believe that he is born in Hawaii or some other such bullshit. Hello, are they that dense?By the way, kudos to Mr. Apuzzo for yet another excellent commentary. Sadly, way too many shallow-minded folks equate simply being born here with being a natural-born citizen.

  14. Friedman and Klein ARE objectively anti-Semitic, no question, in that they want Israel obliterated along with America. Hunsdon replied: Whiskers, this isn't even good propaganda. I do appreciate the Orwell reference, of course, but really now. Generally I don't like the "diagnosis at a distance" thing, which seems mean-spirited if not downright Soviet, but when I read your screeds, I seriously suspect that you need medication.Do you remember Tom Friedman on the Charlie Rose show, talking about the "terrorism bubble" of the 90s?

  15. Excelente artículo, Aristócrata. Quería hacerte una pregunta sobre indumentaria que me ronda hace tiempo por la cabeza. Se trata de la chaqueta "clásica"…¿Porqué se le llama, genéricamente, por muchos sastres, vendedores expertos y usuarios, "americana"…?. Muchas gracias, y un saludo.

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  17. 155Merci pour ce poste! Il est encore un peu tôt pour moi mais je vais garder précieusement l’article.Merci pour ce magasin toujours plein de bons conseils et d’humour. PS: j’ai trouvé le livre en français: « Poussez ! : Ce qu’on ne vous a jamais dit sur la maternité « 24

  18. comentou em 9 de novembro de 2011 às 20:04. Ele cresce muito mesmo. Mas não faço nada específico para isso. Para manter o brilho uso produtos específicos para cabelos coloridos e quando retoco a tintura mexo apenas na raíz.Bjsss!!!!

  19. Huhu ^^Also ich muss sagen: das Video ist eigentlich ganz lustig und einige Dinge, die, ich sage mal “harmlos” sind, kann man ja schonmal als Scherz machen.Allerdings sind die meisten Dinge eher doof ^^.Und ehrlich gesagt wären mir die Konsequenzen das nicht wert ^^.Lg Ina

  20. Obama's a lot more his style, not that he was going to join the Obama campaign. If you would rather have Romney in charge than Obama, then don't vote; it's like giving a half-vote to the Republican candidate, who will definitely put more hard-right judicial activists on the Supreme Court, making whatever Obama has done (which is plenty) look like a harmless prank.

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  23. The 5-star rating system is obviously flawed. People rather make a choice between "like" or "dislike" instead of getting all fuzzy about whether to give something three, four or five stars. When someone gives something five starts they actually make a statement that they liked it, instead of saying it is perfect and thus deserves a perfect rating.Long story short: I suggest YouTube scraps the current rating and makes it "like" or "dislike".

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  25. Not sure what to make of the Russell piece. Daily Beast editor Tina Brown’s husband Harold Evans called the Goldstone Report “a moral atrocity” and they’re both notorious NYC sycophants.“A moral atrocity: Judge Goldstone has been suckered into letting war criminals use his name to pillory Israel by Harold Evans”

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  27. Interesting synch. You’re a Virgo, great analyzer. I commented on the Neptune trine, then found this. Pisces MC leaves my life goals/path in utter fog. This article shook me a bit. My Mercury is House 3 Gemini & Virgo opposite that Pisces Moon. I’m wavering between painting and writing now. Odd, the paintings I had visualized involved calligraphy. Huge synch with your articles.

  28. “Svegliati,[AT] tu che dormi, e sorgi dai morti, e il Cristo risplenderà su di te”.Quindi non è tempo di indugi, le prove sono manifeste è tempo di agire, di fare aggiustamenti per dimostrare Bontà, Giustizia e Verità.

  29. Bè Ilaria, quando un'attrazione fisica non può concretizzarsi perchè non puoi avere la persona desiderata non mi pare rimangano molte alternative a parte l'autoerotismo che dopo un po' diventa frustrante…desiderare qualcuno che non puoi avere non è il massimo della vita, esperienza personale. D'altronde se non sei una di quelle persone capaci di "trovare" un partner per risvegliare la tua energia sessuale mi pare normale che quest'ultima venga accantonata…o per lo meno io non trovo vie di uscita

  30. Vu le pilote d’American Horror Story et je ne comprends pas… je n’aime pas la façon dont c’est filmé, je n’aime pas la façon dont c’est raconté, je n’aime pas ce que ça raconte, et je n’aime pas le personnage ni le cadre de l’histoire…Bref : hors de question que je regarde un seul épisode de plus de ce truc.

  31. "The fact that succeeding immigrant groups rewrote this act in 1965 does not change what the Founders wanted."By the way, as a point of information I would note that the US started down the road to being non-White a long time before 1965. For example, in 1868 the percentage of white citizens in the United States was reduced dramatically by the stroke of a pen.I realize that this is an uncomfortable fact for people who want to blame the Jews for the de-Europeanization of America, but a fact it is.

  32. Dear shweta,i'm happy & excited that u r cming home bt on the other hand feeling bad for the kids whom u hav to leave . I know they will miss u at classes & i'm afraid that after spending 6 months with them it will be difficult for u too to stay here at home.u r leaving them & i'm getting senti here.Dear shaila, aastha ,kavita & other voluntiers plz. take proper care of kids.shweta will be back soon.

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  36. sophie,je t’avais laissé un commentaire hier dans l’après-midi, mais il est disparu!!bon, peu importe…je te disais que dejà tu a l’air très aristocratique, la passion pour le papier en soie claire est encore une confirmation…

  37. It doesn't matter if evidence is presented. I repeat, it doesn't matter. At the end of the day, we've still got an illegal alien sitting in the WH. All I know is only we can fix this. The foreigner is betting heavily we forgot who we are as Americans. What matters now is how soon all Americans realize this. The next march cannot occur without mandatory pitchforks, torches, and some serious anger.

  38. Without having a clue about what this post was written about, I delayed reading it because there was just something inside me that told me I should wait until I had a period of uninterrupted time to really reflect on it. I am so glad that I waited this long so that I could sit in silence, take it all in, and reflect upon the enormity of this post. Your bravery is commendable. Clearly you are stronger than you know. Thank you for being so honest. May the reflection you see in the mirror be as beautiful as everyone else sees you!

  39. Marisa,Si. En caso del incumplimiento en la realización de reparaciones acordadas, tiene una JUSTA CAUSA para rescindir el contrato.Lo otro que puede hacer, es realizar las reparaciones por su cuenta y descontarlas del alquiler.En cualquier caso, tendria que negociar primero y recurrir a un abogado en caso de no obtener un resultado satisfactorio

  40. Gerry,I am not sure of the date of the Watanabe letterSince there is no date in the text, it is unknown. "In the second letter, Liancourt Rocks was even referred to as "Oki's Matsushima."Isn't the 2nd recommendation by Watanabe known in South Korea? It prove that Sloww's interpretation is wrong.松島は竹島より我近き方にあれば日本に屬し朝鮮又異論ある能はす。(If Matsushima is near us from Takeshima, it belongs to Japan. And It can't say Korean territory or other objection.)

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  42. Rebecca: thanks for the cite. I am betting there are quite a few similar studies. (I just have not done a pubmed search for them, sure there are lots).Regarding the FDA and actual ethics.. yeah, the two should go in the same sentence. Its sad and a direct consequence of the Bush administration (and the Grover Norquist School of Government)

  43. hai ragione. Paolo si occupa (ma non solo) di “bufale”. In questo caso la bufala era l’aver spacciato i video (veri) come bufale tratte da film porno (falso). In realtà la vera bufala che ne emerge è la credulonità degli organi di informazione che hanno presa per buona la fasulla bufala di Tuttoscemo senza verificare la realtà delle fonti. E quindi il concetto di “cacciatore di bufale” di cui si autofregia Paolo è perfettamente rispettato.

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  53. mi raccomando facciamo resuscitare anche il Siena domenica prossima!!! devono essere 6 punti obbligatori queste due partite….No Andrea, devono essere 9 le prossime 3. Poi vediamo dove stiamo, squalifiche incluse. Il Napoli deve procedere come un trattore, ed arare gli avversari.andiamo a prendere i prossimi 6 punti che ci facciamo un Natale con il Napoli in Champions..

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  63. No legacy…Are you kidding? His legacy is bimbo-gate, FBI file-gate, State Trooper-gate, Pardon-gate, Impeachment, Disbarment, and a supporting cast of thousands including Charlie Trie, Monica Lewinsky, Kathleen Willey, Jaunita Broadrick, Marc Rich, Sandy Berger, Vince Foster…I could go on but what’s the point. He has a legacy…It’s just not one he chooses to remember.

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  70. 9:49 PM, Arpaio is a liar, traitor, and a two-faced son-of-a-bitch. And that goes for Zullo too. Forget about Arpaio and Zullo. They are both playing anyone who'd listen as fools. After seeing the crowd of people who came to hear the sheriff speak, I felt sorry for them (I'm sure they are all good people). Arpaio's and Zullo's game-plan is to continue milking this at our expense. Neither ever had any intention what-so-ever to do the right thing. Hand Arpaio a pink rope.

  71. ummm… wow. she blamed her coochie funk on his nut?? negative. she needs to see a doctor.i remember when i was 7 and my mother talked to me about getting my period, she told me THAT early that douching is NOT good for you. i don’t even make eye contact with a douche box. i want no parts of it.

  72. Aw, thanks for the link back, Gordon! Trans-GrahAm made me laugh so hard, especially since I can’t take Graham seriously at all. Have you ever heard the drama CD the Gundam 00 cast put on a while back? I can’t help but imagine Setsuna talk in speedy sloppy Japanese and Graham going CHORISSU~And yes, the Masurao’s hideous –;;;

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